ACC Squamish is a volunteer run organization. We depend on volunteers to run our trips and events, to help out with logistics, and maintain our technology, gear, governance, finances, etc.

Interested in helping out? Let us know today!

Trip Organizers

Trips and events only happen when people step up to organize them! As such, we’re always looking for volunteers willing to organize trips and events. 

Interested? Here’s the process for becoming a trip organizer:

  • Come out to a few events and get to know us. (note that in order to become a trip organizer, you’ll need to provide 1-2 references from current trip organizers)
  • Read through the expectations below, and if they sound good to you, let us know that you’d like to become a trip organizer by filling out the volunteer application form.
  • Co-host an event of two with a current trip organizer to get to know the process
  • Host your own events!

To ensure that club trips and events are a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, we do have a few expectations that potential trip organizers should be aware of.

  • Membership: In order to be covered by ACC’s liability insurance, all trip organizers must be current club members.
  • Waivers: All trip participants must sign a waiver at the start of the trip. The waiver must be witnessed by one of the trip organizers. Waivers must be submitted to the club executive as soon as possible after the trip
  • Covid-19: All participants must sign a declaration of health on each day of the trip. The organizer must familiarize themselves with our current covid-19 safety plan, and ensure that participants are also aware of the plan, and that the safety protocols are followed.

When choosing a trip or event, select something that is well within your comfort level and expertise. This helps to ensure that you will have the necessary energy to deal with an adverse event should one occur. Trips that will test your fitness or technical abilities are not appropriate trips to post to the calendar (however, feel free to post a message to our Facebook community if you are seeing partners for a particular objective).

Many trip/event organizers feel more comfortable if they have a co-host for the event. If you don’t have anyone in mind, send a message to other club members to see who is interested.

Posting the event to Groups Place:

  • In order to host an event, you must have the appropriate permissions in Groups Place. Once you are approved as a trip organizer, your permissions will be updated.
  • Here is a video on how to create events in Groups Place. Take a few minutes to review the video. If you have any questions or run into any challenges, please email

We encourage everyone to take the time to put together a detailed event description, as it helps members determine if the event is a good fit for them. Things to include in your event description include:

  • Title
  • Date/time
  • Meet up location
  • A detailed description including what to expect from the event, any prerequisite skills/fitness required, required gear, etc. For example, a leisurely trip to Red Heather to admire, photograph and paint the wildflowers is a very different experience than a trail run to the same location. Although both are fantastic trips, they will likely appeal to different people for different reasons. By providing lots of information, you help members determine which trips are right for them and make joining a trip a more enjoyable experience for all.
  • Links to any particular “documents” you want participants to be aware of (i.e. our Covid-19 safety plan)

There are also a few other settings you may wish to adjust for your event, including

  • The number of participants and whether they are allowed to bring guests
  • Whether participants can join the event directly or will be added to a waitlist, and how the waitlist will be managed
  • Screening questions, to help you determine if a potential participant is a good fit for your event.
  • If you would like to add a cost to the trip (i.e. to cover camping permits), please contact 

We want our ACC Squamish events to be as inclusive and welcoming as possible. We ask that all our event organizers spend time getting to know the participants on the trip and to facilitate introductions between participants. Here are a few additional tips:

  • Reach out to participants before the event to introduce yourself, answer questions, and start getting to know the participants. You can use the ad-hoc notification tool in Groups Place to email everyone, or you can reach out to participants individually.
  • For more involved trips, you may want to host a pre-trip meeting so that all participants can get to know each other and discuss things such as required gear and group decision making.
  • Remember that everyone comes from a different background. We all have different strengths, levels of experience, risk tolerances and communication styles. 
  • When you arrive at the meet up location, great everyone, and spend some time facilitating introductions among participants.
  • During the event, spend some time talking with everyone.
  • Follow up after the event. We have a standard email that will get sent out automatically, but we encourage all event organizers to send out a follow up email thanking participants for joining the trip.

Leadership Development Program

Our leadership development program is built around the concept of peer mentorship and the idea that teaching skills is one of the best ways to reinforce and deepen your knowledge. Each year we run two cohorts (summer and winter) that bring together an awesome group of people who want to develop skills together and share those skills with our club members by organizing trips and instructing courses and workshops.

Our summer cohort focuses on activities such as hiking, rock climbing and summer mountaineering, while our winter cohort focuses on activities such as backcountry skiing/splitboarding, ice climbing and ski mountaineering. Members accepted into the cohort should have sufficient knowledge to organize season-appropriate trips and assist with at least one of our regularly scheduled courses.

Benefits of joining the leadership cohort:

  • An amazing group of like-minded peers
  • Support to organize your own trips and events over the season
  • Skills training days for the cohort, to help you achieve your personal goals for the season
  • Pre-registration for some events + free registration for club courses 
  • An end of season volunteer recognition event


  • Participate in the kickoff meeting. At the kick off meeting we’ll get to know each other, share our personal goals for the season, and develop plans for how we can help each other achieve those goals.
  • Take a leadership role in at least three events over the course of the season. This can include some combination of instructing or helping with our courses, leading workshops for the leadership cohort, or organizing trips/practice sessions for our members.

Volunteer Recognition

We love our volunteers! We support our volunteers with opportunities for ongoing skill development and mentorship, both through club events as well as by providing financial support to obtain wilderness first aid training or other relevant certifications. 

As soon as the pandemic allows, we’ll also get back to hosting regular volunteer appreciation events, such as club BBQs. 
Do you also love what our volunteers make possible? Consider donating to our volunteer recognition fund!

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